Personalized Gifts
CDEP17  Personalized Pewter
Ball Marker and Divot Tool Golf
Set  $22.99
CDEP12 Personalized Pewter Letter
Opener  5.5"  $15.99
CDEP18 Personalized Pewter
Business Card Holder  2.5"  $18.99
CDEPO1  13 OZ Glass Pewter Accent
Stein  $1699
CDEP04  Personalized Pewter Accent
10 ozWine Glass $16.99    
CDEP06  Personalized Pewter Bottle
2.5" high w/7"Chain& Ring  $22.99
CDEP05  Personalized Pewter Wine
Charm Set
8 wine charms with one imprintable hook  
CDEP07  Personalized Pewter Wine Bottle
Caddy $29.99
3.25 in Dia. Wï¿¿/Pewter Charms
CDEP03  1.5 oz Pewter Accent Shot
Glass $12.99
CDEP14  3x2.5" Glass Votive
W/Pewter Accent & Pewter Base  
CDEP16  Personalized Pewter Candle
Snuffer 8.75"   $18.99
CDEP10  Personalized Pewter Key
Ring  2.75"   $8.99
CDEP15 Personalized Pewter Holiday
Ornament 2.5 " round Wreath Design  
Matching Set of 4
CDEP04SET    Matching Set of
Four    59.99
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