Photo Tips
The best results come from a photo that is clear and has good contrast.

Photo Recommendations: Image may be color or black-and-white. We
can      convert it to grayscale if necessary.

By e-mail the image
should be a scanned in copy of the original at 300 dpi
(If you don’t have access to a scanner, you can take it to places like i.
e.          Walgreens photo, they can scan it in and put it on a CD at 300
dpi for you)

If you have the picture (from the original) on a CD, your computer, or
camera 1 mega pixel or better, and you can e-mail us that's… Grrrreat!

Don’t send us a scanned in copy of a scanned in original… scanning a
second time will create a poor image.

Thank you,
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