Custom Laser Creations

Unique Home Decor, Gifts,  Personalization, and Memorials

    Custom brick engraving is accomplished with the high heat of a laser baking the clay to a form of glass permanent marking on the brick. This process is the same as baking clay in a kiln to make ceramics. Because there is no clay in the cement bricks, this process will not work on cement bricks. Cement brick engraving can be done with paint fill for color

   Custom bricks are available from 1 to as many as you need. As many people have their own bricks, pricing is based on the engraving only. Since there are so many differences in the needs for bricks we ask that you email us with what your plan is.  Do you want to continue a tradition of engraving bricks for a memorial garden or school graduates' names on bricks? Just send us an email with what you have planned.  We will work with you to do what you have planned. Prices start at $25.00 per brick with quantity discounts starting at 25 bricks.

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