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Custom Laser Creations

Unique Home Decor, Gifts,  Personalization, and Memorials

Laser Cutting & Engraving Services

Yes, we provide laser cutting and engraving on a limited number of products that you purchase elsewhere. You must first contact us to determine if your product is compatible with laser engraving or cutting.  We sell a large selection of engravable products like Yeti Style tumblers, and wallets, and coasters. But sometimes you see something we do not carry. We understand that.  However, we need to know what it is made of, the size, and what you want to be engraved. There are some items we never engrave and you will see a list below.
Laser cutting can be done on our products or on your products.  We can cut acrylic and wood as long as it is not too thick. All types of paper, stencils, and fabric.  We stock Baltic Birch in 1/8 and 1/4. We also stock 1/8 and 1/4 inch acrylic in white Red and Black and of course clear.  We can source other colors of acrylic.
We will be happy to cut and engrave these items with your vector art or drawings.

Artwork availability:
Go to the type of artwork page that you are looking for and list the name of the image and the number or catalog ID of the image you are interested in.

General artwork or templates


CNC 3 D  engraving artwork

Items we do not cut or engrave.

1. Anything containing or made of PVC

2. Family Heirlooms

3. Silver Plated items.

4. Jewelry.

5. Any metal coated with a clear coat.

6. We cannot cut Metal. We mark metal

with Cermark which is a solution that is specially made for laser metal marking. The result is a permanent black mark.

We cannot guarantee satisfaction for the products you bring us and the only liability we assume is the cost of engraving. Not all materials react to engraving as they are hoped to react. We can give an educated guess as to the outcome, but in the end that is just a guess. If we don't feel laser engraving is right for your product, we will refuse and try to suggest an alternative for you.

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